Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dell Android phones work as modem

Follow the steps to make Dell Android  phones work as modem  for browsing internet in pc through cable  
Please insert the GPRS/EDGE/3G  enabled sim to your phone  
1.    Configure the phone
a.    Click  menu >applications>development>USB debugging
b.    Click on USB debugging it allows to debug mode

2.    Download  “Easy Tether”  application   from Android Market on  phone
a. Go to android market search “Easy tether lite” (free app)mobile stream
b. Install Easy tether lite on phone
c. After installing   click on Easytether >enable USB tethering service

3.    Down load  “EasyTether”  driver in  pc
a.       Go to this link and download driver   http://easytether.blogspot.com/ 
b.       Download suitable driver to your pc (32bit, 64bit, vista, xp, win7)
d.       After installing driver it will shows icon in tool bar

4.    After completing installation connect cable it will ask to mount or don’t mount.  Click on  don’t mount
5.    In your pc >Go to tool bar>right click on EasyTether it will show “Connect via android (phone model no.)”  click on to Connect
6.    After connecting it shows  “Connection established  using  ADB  transport”
7.    Now you can browse in your pc  
8.    For disconnecting  right click on EasyTether  click on disconnect  now you can remove cable

Download - Easy Tether